Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to become Eduwis franchisee?
Fill up the form below and our colleague from the franchise development team will contact you. After the first interview and franchise business orientation, both parties will look out for suitable location within your preferred available territory. Once the location is confirmed, franchise agreement will be executed.

Which territory/location is still available?
International and local franchise opportunities are available. We are in the phase of expanding from Klang Valley. Let our franchise development colleague know your preferred location and we will get back to you on the availability.

Do I need to devote full time in this business?
Yes, full commitment is important to ensure the business success. There is a monthly teacher’s training for all the academic employees at Eduwis headquarter on every 1st Saturday of the month and full attendance is crucial.

What qualification should I possess to be Eduwis franchisee?
You must possess at least Diploma in Early Childhood Education (or equivalent) to become Eduwis franchisee. If you do not have the minimim qualification stated, we do make exemptions depending on some other factors.
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How much is the total investment cost for Eduwis franchise?
This depends on case to case basis as different premise and other factors will incur different cost. We will provide more information of the investment cost during our business orientation. Contact us using the form below and we will set a business orientation with you.

Do I need to sign any agreement?
Yes, we have a few agreements related to the program and system to execute once you are confirmed as an Eduwis franchisee.

How big should the premise be?
The minimum requirement for residential area premises is 1,800 square feet. However, if you are looking into a commercial unit, due to the lack of an outdoor area, the minimum requirement will be 2600 square feet. Premises with outdoor areas will be preferred.
How to hire educators and what are the required qualifications?
Franchisee is responsible in hiring educators and other non-academic staffs. Franchisor provides monthly teacher’s training and other additional training upon request. Required qualification depends on the job scope.
Who is responsible for advertising?
Franchisee is responsible for local branding within territory. It is under the franchisee’s cost.
Is this a guaranteed successful business?
Franchise business is a proven business but not guaranteed as many criteria need to be considered in order to have a successful business.